How to Use GoToWebinar

Whether you are a teacher or an entrepreneur, you need ways to reach out to people.

Modern technology has made this possible. Webinars make professionals accessible to their clients.

Go To Webinar is an application that gives busy business professionals welcome relief. It makes instant connectivity all over the globe possible.

Besides this, it has a host of features that ease communication. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to create an online presence.

GoToWebinar Functions

What is Go To Webinar

Before you can tap on this exciting tool, you must find out what it offers.

1. About Go To Webinar

Go To Webinar is an events manager that provides reliable online conferencing solutions. This functional tool makes it easier to plan events and communicate with clients at once.

Training sessions can take weeks to plan. Go To Webinar is an efficient way to conduct these meetings. Users can perform product presentations anytime, anywhere.

Webinar setup can be confusing. Go To Webinar makes preparing one a breeze.

2. Features

Go To Webinar eases event planning with its user-friendly features. Get to know them.

a. Easy Webinar Planning

Go To Webinar crafts automated email invitations for invitees. It also allows users to schedule weekly or monthly recurring webinars
Users can customize their brands by loading their logos. Go To Webinar will also host your registration. Invitees may choose to attend events via telephone or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This facility allows a person to have telephone messages delivered via an internet platform.

Go To Webinar allows a trainer to practice his presentations before running them. Besides easing presentation flow, this feature also allays a presenter’s fears.

b. Interactive Presentation Tools

Go To Webinar allows a presenter to check on the effectiveness of his presentations. He can view webinar satisfaction, attendance and interest from his dashboard.

You may conduct your training from any desktop application. Stress the important points of your presentation by annotating or highlighting them.

c. Simple Interface for Attendees

Invitees need only click on links in their emails to verify their attendance. There is a question and answer window which they can use to direct queries to the presenter.

d. Webinar follow-up and analysis

You may create surveys to get feedback on your webinar sessions after they end. Webinar reports will tell you how successful they were. Create automated follow-up emails to gather the opinion of attendees. You may also record and play them back to other audiences.

Getting Started with Go To Webinar

Now that you know what Go To Webinar offers, it is time to start using it.

1. The role of an organizer

You must first understand your role as the presenter of a webinar. You must sign up for either a corporate or an individual plan.

To plan events, create an account with Go To Webinar. You must be a Webinar host before invitees can join it. You can only conduct one webinar at a time. Organizers are responsible for scheduling, planning and managing their webinars. They can include other panelists and organizers.

2. Creating organizer accounts

Once you have understood what to do as an organizer, it is time to create an organizer account.

a. For individuals

Creating a personal account is a simple process. All you need to do is to click the Try it Free or Buy Now link on the website. Follow the prompts on the Create Your Account page.

You should reach the Install the Go To Webinar Software page. Clicking Yes, Grant or Trust will enable the Download.

b. For Corporate Organizers

Open the Go To Care invitation email sent by Go To Webinar. The email should have the title “Set Up GoToMeeting Corporate with Go To Webinar. ” Click on the activation link to create your organizer account. Enter your information on the Create Your Account Page.

Proceed to the Install GoToMeeting Software and enable the software download. Accept the software download by clicking Grant, Trust or Yes.

3. How to use the Go To Webinar Website

a. Logging in

To log in to the website, go to Click login on the left navigation menu. Log in with your email address and password. Proceed to My Webinars.

b. Viewing scheduled webinars

To view the webinars you have scheduled, log in to your account. Select My Webinars from the left navigation menu. The page should load with a list of your planned webinars.

c. View webinar history

To do this, log into your account and select Webinar history from the left navigation menu. The page should show the webinars that you completed within the last thirty days.

d. Viewing and editing account information

To view your profile information, log into your account. Select My Account from the left navigation menu. You should see audio display preferences, status updates, and email preferences.

To edit your information, go to the Details section and enter your password. You can make your desired changes. If you wish to change your password, type your new password in the Type New Password field. Re-type it in the Re-type password field and save your changes.

4. Installing the Go To Webinar Application

Installing the GoToMeeting Software is straightforward, whether you are a PC or Mac user.

a. For PC users

If you use a PC, go to Log in with your email and password. Select My Webinars from the left navigation menu. Click the Need To Reinstall Our Software link at the bottom of the My Webinars page. The software should download. The GoToWebinar icon should appear in your system tray.

b. For Mac Users

Go to Click Host a Meeting on the left navigation menu and download the application.
Click cancel when the Email and Password prompt appears. Once downloaded into your Mac, you may move the file to the location you choose. The Go To Meeting icon appears on your desktop.

5. Choosing audio preferences

Log into your account. Choose Settings from the left navigation menu. You may decide to integrate your audio with the GoToWebinar Audio Service. The service is a VOIP service. Participants should use a microphone or speakers. You can include numbers for European countries and Australia. Charges apply.

You may also use your conference call number and integrate it with your private service. You may type in your private conference numbers in the telephone and Access Code fields. Charges apply as well.

6. Setting Status Update and Follow-Up Email preferences

Go to the bottom of the settings page. Check or uncheck the Status Update and Email Preferences. Save your changes.

Planning a Go To Webinar

A webinar takes planning. That said, Go To Webinar is an efficient service which makes the process fast.

1. Scheduling a webinar

To schedule a webinar, log in to your account. Select Schedule a Webinar from the left navigation menu.

From the page, key in your webinar name. Write a short description of the webinar. Key in the date, starting time, time zone and the time of the event. Select “recurs” if you want to schedule the same webinar for several dates. Choose the frequency of the recurrences.

You may also use the Schedule a Similar Webinar to create a webinar with the same customized settings.

2. Inviting attendees to a webinar

Go To Webinar allows you to forward email invitations to prospective invitees.

After scheduling an event, you should receive a webinar invitation. You may forward it to your attendees yourself or a third party, like a list broker. You may also save it in HTML format and post it on your website.

You may retrieve webinar invitations from past webinars. Go to the My Webinars page and scroll to the event for which you want to receive a copy of the request. Go To Webinar will send it to your email address. Once you receive it, you may forward it to your attendees.

You will want to prompt attendees to register for your webinar. Use the webinar registration link. If you wish to copy the registration web link to add to your website, go to the My Webinars page. Scroll to the Plus icon next to the webinar for which you wish to copy the link.

To view registrants, go to the My Webinar Page. Navigate to the webinar for which you want to see the list of registered attendees. Click on the number under Registered. The number of participants will load.

The list of registrants awaits your approval. You may wish to bar registrants for specific reasons. Choose Approve or Deny from the Actions Drop Down Menu.

3. Customizing a scheduled webinar

A big plus of Go To Webinar is that you can customize your webinars.

a. Creating polls

To add a poll, go to the My Webinars page. Scroll to the webinar for which you wish to create one.

Choose questions with either single or various answers. Type your questions in the question fields and up to five replies in the Answers fields. Click on Create, and your poll is ready.

b. Creating surveys

To create surveys, go to Manage Webinar on the My Webinars page. Scroll to the webinar for which you wish to create a survey. .

Select Survey from the Change Sessions menu. You may choose single answers, various responses, scales, short phrases or essays.

Type a question in the question fields. You can create up to five replies in the answer fields. Then, click create.

c. Branding and Themes

From the My Webinars page, select the webinar for which you want to create a theme.

Choose the Change Session Settings. You may upload your company logo, a custom image and view color. You may type the names of your presenters. Give attendees a welcome message when they arrive.

4. Practicing a webinar

From the My Webinars page, pick the webinar you wish to practice and hit the practice button. You may provide a link to presenters to join in the practice session.

You can start a webinar while you are in practice mode. Click start at the top of the control panel. All registrants may join you.

5. Webinar Follow-Up

You may wish to track the success of your webinars. Log in to your account and go to Webinar History on the Left Navigation page. You may view the webinars you created in the past month.

Use the interest rating statistic to gauge the engagement level of your webinars. Attendance length, attentiveness and number of questions asked may affect this rating. It ranges from 1 to 100%.

With these handy suggestions, you may start creating your first webinar session.